What’s better than a big Italian wedding? A big Italian family at the photo booth! And, these guests were amazing! Scroll through, find your image and we dare you not to smile as you make your way past all these shenanigans and goings-ons. Lina & Doug, as you start out your life together surrounded by Read more ..

We spent the hottest evening ever (on record) with these two amazing people. We laughed, we sweated, we laughed some more. All the laughing helped us to forget how ridiculously sweltering the air felt. We all enjoyed ourselves a little too much, and that’s alright. 🙂 Congratulations, Ken and Carleen. We can’t wait for your Read more ..

Lights, cameras, action! The wait is over and we couldn’t be more pleased to present to you, Lena & CJ and their fantastic crew of friends and family. They’re cute, they’re funny, they’re down-right talented! And, we couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more if we tired. CJ & Lena, a huge congratulations and thank you for Read more ..

Nikole and Ryan’s day was amazing. A blustery beach-side wedding, held in a small resort town and filled with the warmth of friends and family. From the smallest detail, her mother’s wedding dress being beautifully crafted into her bouquet, to the girls dresses matching the stormy sea-green waves, to the anniversary dance shared that evening Read more ..

On the coldest (and final) day of the year, these two amazingly warm-hearted people were married. The cold didn’t stop them. It had quite an opposite effect. It made them courageous, it made them creative and they persevered with the most joy. The bridesmaids wrapped in blankets and the groom sported his beaver mittens. The filtered Read more ..

  Blessed we stood beside them witnessing the official start of their lifetime of fearless love and aspiring adventures.  Here’s to the most beautiful couple. Here’s to the start of their amazing future together. An amazing future of loyalty, love and Christ-centred selflessness. Matt & Sharla, let Christ be your guide. Let Him be your Read more ..

Hear – their cries See – the injustice Speak – on their behalf  Introducing the brand new FIREBRAND Fall Line to equip you in the fight against human trafficking. What the SA Foundation is doing is changing the lives of people in our own neighbourhoods. They are bringing the fight against slavery to our homeland Read more ..

Amanda’s smile. There, that’s it. There really needs very little else said because, as cheesy as it sounds, her smile truly says it all. As you scroll through Amanda and Chayse’s gallery you will notice this one, very obvious detail. It really didn’t need to be pointed out and yet there it is in nearly Read more ..