Blessed we stood beside them witnessing the official start of their lifetime of fearless love and aspiring adventures.¬† Here’s to the most beautiful couple. Here’s to the start of their amazing future together. An amazing future of loyalty, love and Christ-centred selflessness. Matt & Sharla, let Christ be your guide. Let Him be your Read more ..

Hear Рtheir cries See Рthe injustice Speak Рon their behalf  Introducing the brand new FIREBRAND Fall Line to equip you in the fight against human trafficking. What the SA Foundation is doing is changing the lives of people in our own neighbourhoods. They are bringing the fight against slavery to our homeland Read more ..

Amanda’s smile. There, that’s it. There really needs very little else said because, as cheesy as it sounds, her smile truly says it all. As you scroll through Amanda and Chayse’s gallery you will notice this one, very obvious detail. It really didn’t need to be pointed out and yet there it is in nearly Read more ..

  When we think back on Kayla and Drew’s wedding day we smile, and then we chuckle a little. The word that best describes our time with them is fun! Really good, honest fun. There really was never a dull moment with this crew. They filled their time together with games and memories and laughter Read more ..

We were honoured to spend one amazing day documenting Kirstin and Andrew’s elegant downtown Edmonton wedding. Their day was perfect. She was graceful and stylish; he was dapper and courteous. Together they worked to create a special day, gathering their loved ones from opposite sides of the globe. Truly you will look high and low Read more ..

  Despite a patchwork day of clouds and rain, we couldn’t have been blessed with a more charming and joy filled wedding. You really just could not wipe the smile off of their faces. Dan and Carly had planned, prepped and waited, and their day came off without a hitch. From frogs to fireworks, from Read more ..

We had the pleasure of spending a perfectly golden evening in a perfectly golden valley with Laura and Jamie. Doubtful that there was a better way to kick off our August 2017 sessions. Laura and Jamie, congratulations on your fast approaching New Year’s nuptials… we can’t wait!!

  Check these guys out… no, really. Check these guys out! They are worth so much more than a minute of your time. What they are doing is changing the lives of people in our own neighbourhoods. They are bringing the fight against slavery to our homeland and they are saving the lives of those Read more ..