Behind The Images

And, you’re here… The day of your dreams is in view. You are over the moon excited and we feel it too. We want to help you plan your picture perfect day, help you capture every detail and help you re-live your every moment for generations to come.


Let us introduce ourselves. We are Rachel + Trevor Olson. We are Olson Studios. Married, and loving it, world travellers. Addicted to nature, its unpredictability, its beauty, and its breathtaking skies. We thrive on using nature to enhance a romantic setting or relationship.


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We believe in…

  • Romance + marriage
  • Having fun… ALWAYS!
  • Doing ALL the work on your wedding day so you don’t have to.

We promise to…

  • Keep a light and fun atmosphere
  • Deliver amazing images
  • Help with tips to and make our vast knowledge of (14 years of experience) the wedding industry available to you.
  • Learn what is most important to you individually, as a couple and deliver images that eternalize your beautiful story.

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