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Welcome to the Gals and Glitter Ladies Night Fundraiser – 2023. Your Photo Booth pictures are ready. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Swalwell Ladies Night Fundraiser 2023. Your Photo Booth pictures are ready. Enjoy!     It took a while… But they finally nailed the Staring-off-into-the-distance photo.

  Autumn weddings… the soft light, the warm colours, friends and family gathering, the feeling of thankfulness for a year full of rich blessings… there are so many reasons to love them. And, there are so many reasons to love looking back on them. Now with the white blankets of snow covering the ground, it Read more ..

  We’re not sure what we loved more… her smile or the way that he looked at her, their spectacular day or their kindness and charm. Sincerely, from the first time we met these two, we fell in love with them. Their devotion to each other, their love of nature and all the beauty that Read more ..

These two. The romantic Rocky Mountains. Glacier fed lakes. A summery long weekend. A secluded luxury resort. Truly adding up to pure perfection. To that end, we couldn’t be more pleased to share with you this lovely (and super sweet) couple who bravely planned and brought about their perfect day amidst a challenging season. We Read more ..

  A winter wonderland wedding is something straight out of a dream. Cozy and bundled up, cuddling next to the person you desire to spend the rest of your life loving. These two were blessed with a fresh white blanket of snow, gorgeous light, and unseasonably warm weather. Ang & James, here’s to a great Read more ..

You’re going to want to check out Cathy & Lucas’ stunning winter wedding out in beautiful Nordegg, Alberta. This wedding includes mountain sheep and wild horses. Not many couples can boast that. We would love to know what you think @ or get a hold of us on Facebook. Olson Studios – Calgary Wedding Photographers.