Matt & Maggie – Wedding – Maple Dell Acres

Matt & Maggie – Wedding – Maple Dell Acres


Maple Dell Acres. Let me tell you a little story… For years we’ve heard about this lovely wedding venue, an all in one wedding dream; with acres of lush green landscaping and mature woodlands, a tree swing and bridges, a serene white chapel and a quaint honeymoon cabin and to top it off, a rustic hall. And, after over 11 years in the industry, we often referred to Maple Dell Acres as the ‘one that got away’.

LOL. That is until Matthew and Maggie contacted us and invited us to be a part of their perfect day. Friends and family travelled from the far reaches of our vast country to celebrate and truthfully it was perfection. Their day was marked with bright sun, laughter, smiling faces, and family pulling out all the stops to bless this new couple. 

Relaxed, and yet determined. Lavish, and yet beautifully understated. Graceful, and yet strong. All of this describes Maggie, Matt and their incredible day. We had waited a lot of years to shoot in this amazing location and we couldn’t be more pleased to have spent such a long-anticipated day with such an extraordinary couple. 

Thank you, Matthew and Maggie, for the blessing of being able to capture your moments for you. It was glorious. 


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