Despite a patchwork day of clouds and rain, we couldn’t have been blessed with a more charming and joy filled wedding. You really just could not wipe the smile off of their faces. Dan and Carly had planned, prepped and waited, and their day came off without a hitch. From frogs to fireworks, from Read more ..

We had the pleasure of spending a perfectly golden evening in a perfectly golden valley with Laura and Jamie. Doubtful that there was a better way to kick off our August 2017 sessions. Laura and Jamie, congratulations on your fast approaching New Year’s nuptials… we can’t wait!!

  Check these guys out… no, really. Check these guys out! They are worth so much more than a minute of your time. What they are doing is changing the lives of people in our own neighbourhoods. They are bringing the fight against slavery to our homeland and they are saving the lives of those Read more ..

  It was the Swalwell Ladies Night Fundraiser last night and what a night it was! There was laughter, there were tears (from laughter) and there was plenty of fun to be had. It’s pretty safe to say that everyone had a blast. Here’s to next year!! ~Blessings, Trevor and Rachel  

  We are honoured to be able to share with you one of the most important projects that we have had the chance to be a part of… We have been blessed to work alongside the SA Foundation (Servants Anonymous Foundation) on the launch of their all new clothing line. 100 % of all proceeds Read more ..

  All Karissa and James just had to do was to mention that their wedding was in beautiful Nordegg and we cleared our schedule! And truly, there is nothing better than hanging out with an energetic and carefree couple in one of God’s most beautifully created areas. Us or them… I really don’t know who Read more ..

Andrea & Colton, two more beautiful people (with a love for adventure, life and music) you will not find. We were honoured to tag along with them on their day to be witness to their whirlwind of passion, romance, mutual respect and deep admiration. We couldn’t be more proud of the two of you and Read more ..

Matthew & Mackenzie. Two genuine hearts spinning together to create one of the most romantic backyard weddings. We have been blessed to have worked with this amazingly artistic family in the past and we were equally as blessed to be asked back for the nuptials of this amazingly sweet couple. Without further ado, Matthew and Mackenzie, enjoy! We would Read more ..

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