Their day was everything rolled into one. It was beautiful and bright. It was warm, like a hug. It was family and friends and great food. It was laughing and it was tears of joy. Rarely have we seen two people who are so head over heels in love with each other and their Read more ..

  We know what you are thinking and let me clear this up right off the bat… no, it is not snowing in Canada in June. LOL. But sadly, it’s been known to happen (on an odd year) and truthfully, while we’ve blocked snow and blizzards from our memories, this beautiful wedding was not that Read more ..

Nothing could wipe the smiles off of their overjoyed faces. Not the blizzard raging outside. Not the bitter, whipping wind or the biting temperatures; nor the ever-growing drifts of snow piling at the door. Carleen and Kenneth were calm and collected. Happily, they spent their day enjoying the company of those dearest to them. Their Read more ..

  On the morning after the first snow of the year, these two were married. My memory is filled with images of snow drifting down in large flakes through the autumn coloured woods, near the edge of an aqua-marine pond.  An astonishing pop of Autumn and a whole lot of Winter wonderland. It was truly Read more ..

  It was very possibly the most beautiful evening of the autumn, and after being rescheduled two times, these two deserved every golden ray. It was an all round put-a-smile-on-your-face evening, a photographers dream: an amazing couple, great company, a stunning custom designed ring, unreal landscape and enough harvest dust in the air to bathe Read more ..

Beside the lake, between the light drizzle and the alluring mist, these two amazingly giving people were married. A fire fighter and a care worker, continually devoting their lives to the benefit of others, now joining their lives together.  We loved witnessing their affection and devotion for one another, we loved being by their sides Read more ..

  These two, what to say; dynamic, charismatic, magnetic, bewitching. Truly a couple one would be fortunate to walk through life with. And, that would explain why their friends travelled from far and wide to be by their side on this ridiculously fun day. Scroll through, take a look, try not to laugh out loud… Read more ..

We’ve always wanted to work with a couple on their destination wedding. CJ & Lena gave us that chance. They gave us the chance to shoot a destination wedding… the catch was that it was a destination wedding right in our own backyard. Escaping the hustle and bustle of New York City, where these two Read more ..